Welcome to my Blog!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by this new space. Allow me to introduce myself and briefly describe what you will find here.

My name is Alexander Waters and I’ve just started a PhD at the school of Global, Urban and Social Sciences at RMIT University on the consequences of Global Populist Social Movements. My case studies are Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the Climate Justice Movement and Indignados / Podemos. These represent the extemporaneous popular reaction to global crises such as global inequality, police militarization, climate change and austerity.

Beyond the degree it is my intention to continue working in academia as I enjoy the autonomy of setting my own agenda and seem to click with people who have a similarly nerdy disposition…


This blog will serve as a tool to help me draft material (and hopefully engage with what I’m sure will be your insightful feedback) for my thesis on the impacts that global social movements are having on society.

It will also function as an aggregator of the research that I’m reading – sharing content I think is particularly noteworthy, perhaps with brief commentary on why I think its so significant.

Finally from time to time it will appear as a more scatalogical creative writing outlet on my other interests, such as demography, economics, city planning, urban design, health policy, music and art.


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