Hundreds attend general assembly of the left in London


Up to 1000 people attended the General Assembly of the Radical Left last night in Logan Hall in London.

Photo: Jonas Liston Photo: Jonas Liston

Called by the activist group Brick Lane Debates, the assembly brought together people from across the radical left to discuss building “a new joined-up radical left movement or network… something that is truly democratic, bottom-up, radical, and based on mass action from below.” Its success surpassed most expectations, near filling the vast lecture hall.

Having so many people at short notice presented some challenges, and made detailed discussions about the way forward difficult. But the turn out and thrust of the day showed a clear desire to build co-operation and co-ordination between groups on the radical left. A further meeting has been called for the 23rd May in order to discuss proposals in more detail, and the meeting agreed to support coming demonstrations in May and June, and to consider…

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