The Wall: A Monument to the Nation-State

Critical article from Zero Anthropology on Trump’s nativism as a reaction to Neoliberalism



Reaction against globalization often takes a visceral nationalist turn in many parts of the globe, no less in the US where the impacts of globalization are increasingly registered as an increased “Third Worldization” of large parts of the society and economy. The nationalist reaction to peripheralization within the centre takes shape in ideas of “taking back America,” “American greatness,” blocking refugees and/or sending them back, and building walls against illegal immigrants. In these regards, Donald Trump is not being terribly “innovative,” nor are the media being honest when they direct attention to Trump and “credit” him for such ideas. If commentators were candid, they would say that the “outrage” against Trump’s “hate” is quite contrived and insincere. More importantly, the orchestration of mass outrage produces a mask: it is meant to misdirect and mystify, to stall for more time for the status quo, and to distract voters from what the…

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