Against (the concept of) populism

Talking Politics

A spectre is haunting contemporary democracies – the spectre of populism. The major institutions of established democracies have entered an unholy alliance to exorcise this spectre, centre-left and -right parties, serious print and broadcast media, Tony Blair and Christine Lagarde. But what is populism and what do they have against it?

Populism is a concept that I have never been able to take seriously but I am happy to agree that it is widely regarded as a bad thing, although as Maxine Molyneux and Thomas Osborne note on the openDemocracy website (22 November 2016), the term can be used in a positive sense. To understand the predominantly negative connotations of the term, it is useful to go back to the treatment of democracy in the history of Western political thought. For much of this history, as Jennifer Tolbert Roberts reminds us in her insufficiently appreciated Athens on Trial: the Anti-Democratic…

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