Radical Democracy as an Alternative to Classical approaches to Political Economy

I gave this lecture in my Global Political Economy class at RMIT University yesterday, where I introduce the concept of radical democracy as an alternative to the classical approaches students had looked at until this point.

Alternatives lecture week 4


Global Political Economy Week 4:

Alternative models of Political Economy and the concept of “Radical Democracy”

Objectives for today’s Lecture

1) Explore why many political economists argue that an alternative to capitalism is necessary

2) Discuss why capitalism and democracy are mutually opposed forces which threaten each other in today’s global political economy

3) Define the key concept of “Radical Democracy” as an alternative

4) Contrast the anti-system ideology of Radical Democracy to the pro-system ideologies of Neoliberalism and Social Democracy

5) Address the ‘state / siege socialism’ alternative to capitalism which emerged and declined over the course of the 20th century, and why the answer to today’s capitalist crisis is not to revert to an outdated model, but to imagine anew how to create a more democratic, sustainable, fairer global society.

….Refer to slides attached here: Alternatives lecture week 4  for more info



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