A Tale of Two Sister (Parties)

Fascinating comparison. Does not reflect well on the ALP!

POP politics Aus

In the field of centre-left and social democratic politics, arguably the most high-profile ideational development in recent years was the emergence of the so-called ‘third way’ in the late 1990s. For a short time at least, there was an explosion of interest in what seemed to be a revival of the fortunes of the centre-left. Under Romano Prodi in Italy, Wim Kok in the Netherlands, Gerhard Schröder in Germany, and crucially Tony Blair in the UK, there appeared to be – albeit briefly – a new wave and type of centre-left government.

2099185_Tony_Blair__299331b.jpg Tony Blair and Paul Keating SourceThe Times

At the time, Anthony Giddens (1998) The third way: the renewal of social democracy was perhaps the most accessible synthesis and statement of the third way politics. Giddens book was something of a publishing phenomena, and became a critical target in the wider debates about the state of the…

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