Kill All Normies

Folks from PESM Readers may be interested in checking this out – one of the first reviews written of Kill All Normies – by my buddy Nicolas Hausdorf. See also his book ‘Superstructural Berlin’ which is from the same publisher – Zero Books.


From 4Chan to Tumblr, Nicolas Hausdorf considers the possibility of a political anthropology of our networked society.

Angela Nagle, Kill All Normies (Zero Books, 2017) 136pp.

It’s fashionable to write sensationalist hit pieces on “the spectre of the alt-right” usually featuring good doses of kitchen psychology to explain away it’s protagonists’ political orientations as motivated by hate or frustration. Meanwhile, it appears that the sociologically increasingly uniform and bland featured journalistic mainstream, often unwilling the face bitter truths about the structural shortcomings of its own political vision, has not come an iota closer to understanding, let alone answering to this phenomenon which is at times as aesthetically and morally horrifying as it is, let us be honest, in light of the decades of a mind numbing postpolitical pensée unique, intellectually exciting.

Angela Nagle clearly understands this ambiguity of the sphere she is scrutinising: Kill All Normies, to be published…

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