About Alexander


Alexander Waters is a sociologist at the Centre for Global Research at RMIT University. Tutoring and guest lecturing in Global Political Economy, Global Governance and International Law, and The Urban Age, he serves as Oceania Regional editor of Interface: a journal for and about social movements.

Alexander’s doctoral thesis (currently pending final submission) focuses on three social movements; the Climate Justice Movement in Australia, the Podemos Movement-Party in Spain and the Black Lives Matter Movement in the United States.

Using a mixed-methods approach, these movements are compared in the aftermath of a major mobilisation event (one UN summit and two election campaigns, respectively) to develop a structuration theory for post-neoliberal movements for democracy.

These movements are then situated in their wider politico-economic context in order to pose the question ‘what possibilities does the emergent left-populist international open up for a radically democratic global network of rebel cities?’